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Why Choose prime seo as your web design company?

It all comes down to appearance. People often say that content is the most important part of a website, but website appearance is important as well. If you wish to gain more customers, you need an attractive and fast website.

At Prime SEO, we know what your customers are looking for. And we intend to implement this knowledge in building a robust website for you. We help you realize your dream website! And all this at an extremely affordable price!

get a professional website for your business?

Website designing is not an easy task. There are too many variables involved. You need to consider a lot of things before you can launch your website. And every bit is important.

Web designing plays a major role in boosting SEO ranking. With the right kind of design, you can increase your search ranking and generate numerous leads. Website designing can never be ignored.

prime's innovative web design ​process

market research

We take into consideration your ideas regarding the website and make a plan. We intend to make a stable plan and work out all the kinks before it is launched.

Marketing Strategy

Improved user experience is our prime focus. We make sure that the website is easy to use with proper action buttons and regulated flow. This makes sure that customers find your website comfortable.

SEO Campaign launch

Once the plan has been made and crosses examined numerous times, it is time to start designing the website. Our designers put in a lot of effort to build the website of your dreams.

Business growth

Once the design is complete, we put the design to the test. We analyze the performance of your newly formed website on different search engines. We monitor the functionality and appearance as well.

Business growth optimization

Once we have worked out all the kinks, we initiate the launch phase. Your website goes live on all platforms. We continue monitoring your website post-launch for a minimum of 30 days.

prime's bespoke web design portfolio

mochan organic ayurvedic herbal greeen tea website design portfolio by Prime

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SEO Optimized Websites

It is not just the content that needs to be optimized. Studies have shown that web design should also be optimized in order to improve digital ranking. Prime SEO services ensure that your website is designed, keeping in mind the search engine algorithm.

Optimized websites are well in compliance with the search engines. This makes sure that your website is ranked higher on search results. Another advantage of an optimized website is that customers find it easy to operate. And this improves customer turnover.

Mobile Friendly web design

The age of mobile is at its peak. And this has raised concern for many websites. Most of the general population browse the internet via mobile phones. But a heavy website takes a lot of time to load on such compact devices.

To avoid this delay, Prime SEO helps you develop a smaller and faster version of your website. With a mobile compatible website, there is no delay! The website loads faster and has the same information as the big parent website.

hungrybirds website design portfolio by Prime

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Ayurvedic green tea speed and optimization test

blazing fast loading Speed

People barely wait for a website to load. Studies have shown that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the customer abandons the website. Can you afford that? Can you afford to lose customers? Prime SEO helps you make your website faster.

We help you reduce the load duration of your website. This means that your website would load faster and keep your customers engaged. With better speed, your SEO score would also improve. This means that your ranking on the search list would improve too.

light weight Themes

When it comes to website development, appearance matters too. And this is why Prime SEO offers some exclusive themes. These themes are developed in-house, keeping in mind the needs and interests of your customers. We have everything- from dark themes to light pastels.

Choosing the right theme is essential for the SEO of your website. The theme is one of the very first things that the customer notices. And it is essential to have the right theme. It should also be in balance with the website functionality.

pizzza106 website design portfolio by Prime

How are we different from other web design companies?

Front-End and Back-End Development

Our Web Design Experts in Gurgaon put in a lot of effort into developing the best version of your website. This is done in two parts- front end and back end coding. At Prime SEO Gurgaon, the latest W3C standard, HTML, and CSS are used.

For back end programming, PHP and MySQL are used. We ensure that the part behind the curtain is as efficient as the one in front. We help you improve the security and compatibility of your website. This allows your customers to share personal details without any fear.


The best thing about our web designing services is that it is extremely affordable. There is a lot that needs to be done in terms of web design and optimization. But all this can be achieved at a nominal price, believe it or not!

From picking out a theme to improving website speed, we can do everything. Our goal is to make an SEO Friendly website which will by default improve your SEO score and attain higher rank on search results. SEO optimized website means half the marketing battle is already won.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​What are the major components of website development?

Website development is composed of numerous components. The first being strategy development. It is important to create a fail-safe strategy which will uplift your website. Our experts act on this strategy and design your website. This website is put to trial before being launched.

Why do you need Website development services?

​It is not easy to design a website by yourself. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of variables involved. If something goes wrong, your website would be lost. This is why it is essential to get some professional assistance

Why should you choose us for your website development needs?

At prime SEO, you get the best services. Our packages are composed of the latest web development technology. And all this is provided to you at a very affordable price. We make sure that our customers get what they bargained for.

Why is it necessary to stick to a theme?

It is important to pick out a theme for your website before you launch it. It has been seen that people respond positively to lighter themes. On the other hand, it is tough to pull off a dark theme. It is better to stick to one theme.

Why is it important to improve the load duration of your website?

Longer the load duration, the higher are the probability of you losing a customer. Therefore it is essential to have a website that is lighter and loads faster. With a quick loading website, the chances of you losing a customer are largely reduced.

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are you ready to invest in growth of your business?

​​We understand ​building a website is a significant investment for you. And where do you look for the best ​web development services for your website? Google! Google will not direct you to any worthless site. And if you landed here, you know what that means! When you searched for a​ web ​design company, you saw us up there amongst the leaders in our field. Now, you know you are doing business with people who walk their talk.

We bear proof of our hard work and strategic approach. We research to prepare and win the marketing battles for every one of our clients. We are the real deal, and we are here to create success - yours and ours. We are passionate about ​building wold class websites that reflect your brand strategy.

Prime Seo Services enjoys the challenge of learning a new industry or applying what we’ve learned from similar industries to create success for you. Your success in your industry is our success in ours.

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