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Scrap Out Spam Backlinks to Improve SEO

You do not have to worry much as the removal of the backlinks from a website is an easy job to do. But, the catch is performing the task demands some expertise in the field. As a matter of fact, we have a team of experts at ​Prime Seo we are ever ready to provide you with quality seo service.

​Spam Backlinks which are commonly addressed as bad backlinks are generally links received from the websites with low-quality or are spam.

How Spam backlinks affect the SEO of your website?

The black hat SEO masters usually generate backlinks from a low-quality website and then link it to your webpage. Due to this, Google might impose you with a Penalty infamous by the name Google Penguin Penalty. This will damage your website completely. Here are some of the ways spam backlinks affect your website SEO.

google spam link penalty

​Spam ​links results in Google Penalty

​You should get the toxic Link removed from your website. If you have no idea about how it is done, you can get some help from our experts at ​Prime Seo Services. When you consult with our professionals they will let you know how inbound links from bad websites can affect the ranking with a detailed explanation.

spam links candrag down search rankings

​​spam links are toxic for your website

They can be compared to toxic waste materials, which can cost you heavily. For example, if you hire a professional to simply remove the bad backlinks from your website the cost expended will be generally lower. But, bad backlinks intervene with the functionality of your website completely. In order to regain the rank you​ will have to work a lot.

low quality backlinks need a website audit

​​low quality Backlinks are not good

​Google took the matter onto its hand and changed the algorithm for, how websites are ranked. You need to get rid of spam backlinks in order to welcome the new authority backlink. Only these quality backlinks promote your scoring on SERP. ​ However, to get your work done with precision, you must fetch some affordable seo solutions.

Ways to get rid of Toxic Backlinks

There are ​some major steps which our experts at Prime Seo Services perform in order to get rid of the toxic backlinks from your website. ​

identify spam link source

​We Locate the incoming Spam Links

If you hire our experts, they will make sure to inform you about these links. Also, they will find them for and help you get rid of them as well. The trained personnel are aware of how to detect a spam backlink and can readily distinguish them. The reason behind the generation of backlinks is unknown and even the time period of the penalty imposed by Google on your website is not known. Therefore it would be wise of you to get rid of these backlinks as soon as you notice them. If you are unable to do so, get help from our experts. Before proceeding onto the next step, your website must undergo a Back-link audit.

spam link removal services

​​we help file ​Link removal request

This is because the language used in writing the request should be subtle and not demanding. You will also have to list the reasons as to why you want to get rid of a link. We need to gather all the spam links and one by one add that to the request list in order to get them removed. Once the links are identified, we will make sure that these links are in no way inserted in your website.  We cannot have this process risked in any manner; as it is very crucial for the well-being of your website. If the malice link prevails on your website there might be chances that Google takes it down. Therefore, you must ensure to remove old links from Google.

spam link removal process

​Make use of the Disavow Tool

Now, a layman will not be aware of it. But, we are here to help and at your service. We will use the disavow tool to point out the backlinks that are clogging your website. And, with the help of these disavow tool, we will make sure that Google doesn’t make use of the spam backlinks against your website. But, before filing the disavow request, let our professionals take a look at your website and gather adequate information against the spam backlinks. If you do not provide evidence against these backlinks while filing for getting the links disavowed, there are higher chances of you receiving a manual penalty from Google.

Our Case Studies​​​​

food store casestudy

Stella Creations for a long time, they struggled with the question of How can I remove a link from Google Search? But, eventually, after several attempts of failure in achieving their goal, Infinity approached us. Our team of experts resolved their issue and now their ecommerce website ​ranks ​flawlessly. After continuous striving, our professionals at ​Prime Seo Services were able to find out about the deterministic qualities of these unnatural links that resulted in the stunted growth of ​Stella Creations. 

We took the time to get the work done and the result was surprising. The experts as ​Prime Seo will not only find out these backlinks for you but also will help you in getting rid of them. The disavow tool helped us get rid of the spam backlinks These spam backlinks have adverse effects on your website and can pull down your website’s ranking before you even find out what is going on.

store casestudy

With no internal scanning and management of spam backlinks,​ ​Everett Bar had been suffering from internal issues that led to significant Google penalties and decrease in the overall ranking in local searches. We started our journey with Everett Bar’s website analysis. We located all that was wrong in terms of back-linking. Our team of expert analyzers audited the website and revealed multiple spam and dead links that were no more active and lead to malicious sites.

Our first move was to remove these dead links and spam links that lead to degrading site ranks. With timely auditing process, we made sure no malicious or spam link took down the site in the long run. Within a term of few months, the website started experiencing positive ranking trend and better traffic inflow due to higher ranks. Today, Everett Bar is one of our regular clients that have experienced a significant benefit ​in their rankings, reputation improvement and positive reviews.

Make your website SEO friendly with us!

One such way to conduct Spam Back link Analysis! With the team of experts at ​Prime Seo Services, meet your target of increasing substantial traffic on your website.


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