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Increase the Traffic of your website with Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

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How does the Pay per click services work and why you must take interest in investing your money on this form of service? If you are in need of more clicks that turn into leads and further into sales, PPC management services is the stop solution to your problem. At ​Prime Seo, we aim to provide our customers with high-grade PPC management Service which will undoubtedly help them in meeting their goals.


​​We manage these advertisements to make the most of it. You need to hire a PPC Management Services Company like ​Prime Seo, to get your work done by making use of experience and expertise in the field.

competitor analysis

digital competitor analysis

  • We will make a complete analysis of your area of service and industry niche
  • Establishing cost-per-lead goals and setting up a target for revenue generation
  • Analyzing everything there is in your market which includes –search terms and monthly search volumes
  • ​Researching from local competitors who might ​be investing in PPC, ​to gather broad idea. ​
pay per click management services

PPC Campaign Management

  • Tweaking and managing each bid for the campaigns
  • We will monitor the average position of the company along with cost-per-click and click-through-rate
  • Monitor various keyword-related queries and adjust the bidding rates
  • To improve campaign we will make use of more optimization of your content
pay per click services


  • We will conduct split-testing on all the creative and ad copies
  • We will monitor the keywords to find out how your visitors are searching for your website and your services
  • Create ad copy and creatives to ensure high-performance of the ads
  • Conduct research on your competitor to get a hold on their creatives and ad copy


Ad management on Bing is as important as it is on Google. This is because you are likely to receive potential customers from this search engine as well. Also, if you spend wisely on Bing you will get the most return of your investment and our experts very efficiently take care of it.

google adwords and google ads

Google Ads Management

Also, for every dime spent, they receive two in return through the Google Ads. Isn’t this more than just a fair deal to make? When we conducted a research to find out about how successful is the pay-per-click ads are, we concluded that more than 75-percent of people are intrigued by these paid ads. And, out of these, around 50% of the people land up on the top three pages of the search engine implementing paid ad services. ​

  • Display all the advertising campaigns.
  • ​Target​ ​​on the basis of ​ keyword searches ​.
  • Landing page optimization.​
  • Re target the ads and re-market the campaigns ​.
google local ads management

Google Local Ads

On average, a person spends two hours of their day on social media scrolling through feeds and browsing stuff on a daily basis. And, for businesses to get noticed on social media is a very tough business to deal with. Also, the algorithms are managed in such a way that only paid campaigns can prove to be effective to get your business noticed on social media. Track the position of the advertisements with the help of campaign

  • Optimizing as well as tracking the cost-per-click.
  • Keeping a track of click-through rate.
  • Accrediting revenue to the paid campaigns.
  • ​Analyzing all ​ leads, calls, sales conversion.
google display ads management services

Display Ads management

If you are an eCommerce website handler and you wish to increase sales from your website and attract more audience, you must make use of paid ad services. We make sure to understand all your needs and then cater to your requirements. Thus, a shopping ad campaign for an eCommerce website is ​ important. Making use of social media for paid marketing ​on platforms like –Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

  • Making use of YouTube advertising services.
  • Campaign management of Google Ads.
  • Campaign management of Bing Ads.
  • Ad management of Google’s Local Services.

​Different types of Ad services provided by us

bing ads

Ad management on Bing

​If your company has an already established account on Google Ads or Bing Ads, our team of professionals will begin with the pay-per-click audit. We will make sure to review all the optimizations that you have made use in the past and then advice you accordingly to make improvements with your content. For the clients who make use of our PPC Management Services can rest assured that the revenue of their website will undoubtedly increase and we will take your company to soar heights.

ppc ads for ecommerce stores

Ecommerce Ad management

​However, if these paid campaigns are not righteously curated, it would simply be a waste of all your money. Therefore, we would advise you to make use of our services that come along with innumerable tips and tricks from our experienced professionals. Make efficient use of your money for the advertisement of your business on social media platforms.

remaketing ads


Our experts will work resourcefully to take all the data-driven decisions, optimize all the campaigns, and make sure to convert all the potential visits into sales. At ​Prime Seo we have a variety of affordable packages that include services starting from small local businesses to enterprise-level websites. There are various types of re-marketing strategies that can be skillfully implemented. You can make use of the services under the guidance of our experts at ​Prime Seo, and flourish in your industrial niche.

youtube advertising services

Ad on YouTube

Our experts have found out that videos are 27 times more likely to get the interest of the audience piqued as compared to the standard banners. And, it has also been noticed that companies which make use of video ad campaigns are more likely to increase their revenue by 49% as compared to the ones which do not make use of such techniques. At ​Prime Seo, we cater to the needs of our clients and make sure to attain the targets that our clients wish for.

Why Choose Us?

It is very important to carry out a PPC Audit, which will help you determine the kind of service that can fulfill all your demands. At ​Prime Seo, we do carry out the audit procedure before selecting a particular service for our clients. As a sales representative of your company, you must be aware of the functions and requirements of your website. Therefore, before beginning with the process of implementing PPC Services for your company you must conduct the PPC audit. ​


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