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​Millions of People around the globe and especially India, believe in astrology ​and numerology sciences. People look for astrologers, consult them, and get solutions to their problems.

But in this ​digital world, people reach most businesses/services by searching it over the internet. And statistics say that 90% of the searches start from Google. People ​search on Google and ​navigate to the businesses that show on top of the search results. Hence, Being on top of the Google search result is of high importance for astrologers. 

But how do you ​​rank your astrology business on the top of Google search? 

​Nowadays, people ​trust and believe those astrologers who are visible and reviewed by their customers. The first thing that strikes the people is whether he or she has a website. The very first step in Digitally Marketing your astrology services is to create a foundation of your online presence. Yes, we call it an astrology website. 

A dynamic and trust evoking website for astrologers is the first step ​to make a powerful and very well reputed business presence. ​ But if you already have a website and want to target more customers, then it is essential to execute ​SEO Services for Astrologers offered by Prime​ SEO.​

Like you read above, most people start their search journey by typing it on Google. Prime SEO Services utilizes these ​search terms (Keywords) ​and performs On-page and Off-page SEO for your website. This Practice pushes your astrology website to the top ranks on Google search, and you ​get heaps of customers.

We design trust invoking website for astrologers

Astrology Website designing is not an easy task. ​You need to think like a person who is in deep distress and wants to ​see a website that invokes power and relief.

Every bit of astrology website design and content elements should build confidence for the astrologer. Web designing in astrology plays a significant role in boosting customer trust and the SEO ranking of your ​website.


​​People from all age groups trust and follow the guiding light of astrology. In India, there are millions of significant astrologers who provide excellent service. In the past, you must have seen astrologers running paid advertisements on Google to get inquiries.

But sadly, Google banned astrology paid advertisements. Now, Google suspends the entire website if any company or person tries to run PPC for astrologers. ​Going against the policies of Google is a sure shot way to get your site banned and de-indexed from Google. And as a trusted astrologer, you will never want to go that way.

Hence, SEO for astrologers and running paid ads on Facebook and other social platforms is the best possible way to increase the astrology business and generate quality leads. This is where we at Prime SEO Services help you.

what we offer in SEO services for astrologers

  1. On-page SEO optimization
  2. Off-page SEO optimization services.
  3. Structuring the website
  4. ​Internal Linking
  5. Google webmaster code creation
  6. Google analytics code creation
  7. Content marketing strategy
  8. ​Keeping Ahead of the Competition
  9. ​And ranking guarantee!


What are the benefits of SEO services for astrology websites?

Once in a while, people stumble upon in life where they suffer from various problems like love, life, marriages, and any other personal relationships, and put different efforts to solve the issues in their life.

But most of the time, they end up failing, and in the end, most resort to help from family, friends, or Astrologers. Hence they start looking for the trusted astrologers ​on Google. These days customers journey ​to find any product/service has become shorter. Gone are the days when people go for one on one session, now people ​are 

quick, after searching your business, they opt for video​ or phone calls and payments are made online.

What does this mean for you?

The search for astrology services on Google is already being captured by your competitors. Your ​priority is to ​make your ​website as a bridge that brings ​customers towards you. ​As an experienced and trusted ​SEO Services Provider. We ​will make your website visible to millions of people who are searching on Google for astrology services that you offer.

Let we now understand and list down what are the things that Prime SEO services for Astrologers ​possess. These points will help you choose ​us as your ​online marketing company.

  • We provide a complete Search engine ​optimization service.
  • We include Articles, Blogs, graphics, Social Media Posts, Images, infographics, podcasts, PDF, and even videos.
  • ​100% safe and ethical SEO methods.
  • Social media Promotion and ads.
  • Goal-oriented SEO campaign.
  • Quality focused long-lasting results.
  • Affordable website development.
  • Low-cost SEO and social promotion.


Now you must be thinking about companies who provide SEO services for astrologers, right?

You want to go for the best. So what makes our company different from others?

  • We have a crew ​of ​specialists ​accredited from Google and Bing.
  • Our SEO Company has at least 7+ years of proficiency with SEO for a diversity of industries.
  • We favor only white hat SEO methods.
  • We implement long-lasting results.
  • We build your reputation, so people trust your business.

Using SEO Service for astrologers will help you get customers from Google, and this will automatically increase customers' trust in you. People believe in results delivered by Google, being on top will automatically add up a trust factor on your expertise. And Stats tells us that specialists in any given business earn 50% more than their competition. 

Let us help you build a trustworthy brand that serves your business goals and ​guides people ​to wellness.

​​​​SEo Process

keyword research

Keyword research

​The very first process of keyword research is an essential determinant for successful SEO. Our SEO experts dig deep to find the appropriate keyword to drive traffic and improve the visibility of your ecommerce website. Our SEO consultants carry out an In-depth analysis by studying your website.

Competitor analysis

​​Before laying down a full-scale SEO strategy, the next step is to do some research on your competition in ​​​your targeted location. Displacing your competitors on the search engines require a careful study of their SEO rankings.

We gather tremendous valuable data from your competition, like their content, design, backlinks, keywords,​ and lot more.  All the discoveries help us formulate a  sound strategy to put your ecommerce business at a vantage point on the Google search rankings.

competeitor analysis
content creation and marketing

​​​Content creation

​​​​​​​​Based on all the data and a sound strategy, we craft the best website copywriting and ​deliver an attractive website design. Everything learned from the approach of your competition, and our previous experience is gathered and utilized.

We apply all the expertise to make high quality, readable and fantastic web content for your ecommerce ​business. ​Explicit and targeted content is what your readers ​love and convert into loyal customers.

initial technical audit

​​Before launching the off-page link building campaign for your ​​ecommerce business, our team performs a Technical audit. This audit helps your website to solve issues that may drag down your visibility.

After the inspection, our technical SEO team provides fixes for some advanced SEO aspects like HTTPS, ​page load time, page caching, XML sitemap. The initial audit also exposes issues related to images, HTML, websites code, URL structure, meta tags, meta description and other SEO aspects.

advanced technical seo audit
authority link building strategy to improve seo score and organic traffic

AUTHORITY link building

​The ​race to the top of search results is never-ending. ​SEO gets even tougher when it comes to gathering quality links from authority websites in your niche. ​​Backlinks are essential and control a significant chunk of your SEO score.

Authority link building process that is relevant to your business​ will increase your search ​rankings. Our effective white hat link building ​process will ​help your ecommerce website to ​outrank your competition ​and grab the top spot in no time.

Local SEO

Local ​SEO Service focuses on ​developing more visibility of ​your business in a particular geographic area, and this practice is called Local search optimization or Local SEO. ​One of the most effective ways for your eCommerce website to get maximum ​online marketing benefit is ​through local search ​optimization.

Our Online Marketing (SEO) tools and techniques enable your ​ecommerce business to position higher on Google and other search engines. Local optimization allows you to garner local customers that are looking for your type of products and services.

Local Seo Services near me
digital marketing

360° ​​​marketing boost

​​​​​Last but not the least, we work seamlessly to provide standout solutions at very economical rates. Our affordable SEO services cover every bit of SEO ​mechanics, which is required to help ripe business profits. We are pretty much capable and well equipped to solve any complex SEO ​tasks.

Like high-competition, penalty recovery, SEO optimized website, specially crafted landing pages and lot more. Seo services ​and Seo optimized website designing ​​is something that contributes to our reputation. ​

analytics and reports

​​Google analytics the most ​useful tool ​​for getting an insight into your internet marketing campaigns. We, as an ​organic SEO service provider, help you connect your website and gather the data from ​Google analytics.

​Google analytics helps your SEO campaign by highlighting some great metrics like the number of visitors, page sessions, device type, time on your website and a lot more. These stats help ​our experts to further optimize the marketing strategy for long term growth of your ​​​​business.

analytics and seo reports

​success is guaranteed with prime seo services, watch ​web design portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

​​What are the major components of astrology website development?

Website development for astrologers is composed of numerous trust generating components. ​Like images, content and elements similar to places where people feel relief.

Why do astrologers need Website development services?

​​In the Digital age, any individual or business that seeks to grow his company needs a website, and similarly, astrologers are not different. People search for best astrologers on Google; what this means for you? You must be present ​on the platforms where your customers are searching for the services that you offer.

Why should you choose us for ​astrology website development?

​At prime SEO, you get the best services. Our packages are composed of the latest technology and available at a very affordable price. ​And the Best part is that we have experience working with many astrologers around the globe, which means that we understand astrology business practices and will be able to work with you as a team to grow your business.

Why is it necessary to ​add social media marketing for astrologers?

​It is essential ​because people spend a lot of time on social media. And as a business, you must target your customers where they are active and ready to give attention to various subjects.

Why is it important to improve the load duration of your website?

​Slower websites increase the chance of customers closing it and moving to other options. Therefore it is essential to have a website that is lighter and loads faster. Google likes faster sites that open under 3 seconds, and a quick loading astrology website improves customer experience and your rankings on search engines.

​in which cities/countries you provide seo services for astrologers?

We deliver all types of ​SEO Services​glbally. But we keep ​main focus on Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, ​kolkata, chandigarh, banglore, Mohali, Panchkula and more.

​what are the keywords that people use to search for astrologers ?

Different People and age groups tend to find astrologers with different keywords, these are the most commonly sued search terms.​

Astrology Services
Astrologer In India
Astrology By Name Date Of Birth
Jeevanadi Astrology Specialist
Marriage Astrology Specialist
Corporate Astrology Specialist
Nadi Astrology Specialist
Love Astrology Specialist
Astrology Service To Celebrities
Astrology Spell Caster
Birth Chart Analysis
Horoscope Stones Specialist
Match Making Specialist
Home Peace Expert
Family Problem Solution
Business Problem Solution
Career Problem Solution
Visa Problem Solution
Modeling Career Problem
Office Problem Solution
Love Vashikaran Specialist
Astrologer for politician

​which keyword you used to search for us on google?

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Prime Seo Sevices featured in websites logo

are you ready to ​grow your astrology ​services?

​​We understand ​building an astrology website and performing Search Engine optimization is a significant investment for you. And where do you look for the best ​web development and SEO services for your website? Google!

Google will not direct you to any worthless site. And if you ​reached here, you know what that means! When you searched for an​ SEO Company for Astrologer or a web ​design company for astrologers, you saw us up there amongst the leaders in our field. Now, you know you are doing business with people who walk their talk.

We bear proof of our hard work and strategic approach. We research to prepare and win the marketing battles for every one of our clients. We are the real deal, and we are here to create success - yours and ours. We are passionate about ​building world-class astrology websites that reflect ​trust and divine.

Prime Seo Services enjoys the challenge of ​working with new businesses and applying what we’ve learned from similar industries to create success for you. Your success in your industry is our success in ours.

Contact us! ​


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