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​Avoid the google penalties, Easier and Simple

​The website bitten by the penalties, gets a sharp drop in SERPs and ​decreased ​numbers in traffic. With our penalty recovering service, we will help you to get organic traffic and also boost the revenues. We are the best Google penalty removal company that offers the right strategy and services to our clients.

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Also, we keep your site safe and secure from Penguin, panda, and other ​updates far away from you. Avail the most hassle-free penalty recovery process to you.

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It can happen anytime and cause the penalty without any known reason to you. Hidden text, doorway pages, Clocking, or scheme mark-up, which is wrong and not compliant with the website quality guidelines by Google. It can affect the page of the website.

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Algorithmic Penalty

Google penguin, hummingbird, and Google panda are some of the standard related updates to the algorithm. It affects the site, which causes a sudden ranking drop as well as traffic. Also, they are not filed as ​or reported ​in the webmaster tool.

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Bad Links Removal

​This will be personalized and utterly polite. We consider removing bad links at a prior level because they are the main reason for making google think that your website is not trustworthy. These links can actually affect the overall ranking of your website.

That’s how our Google Penalty recovery process works

A penalty by Google is no doubt one of the most harmful things that can happen to your online business. Also handling everything on your own not just messed things but also divert your attention from critical parts. Let us handle the work and we will deliverer you the best results possible without causing you any trouble.

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​We target the Reasons why google impose the penalty

We find the links and improve the low-quality sources. It is required to not using any kind Duplicate or Thin content on your website. Google detects the plagiarized and copied content most first. Next, Black Hat SEO which includes avoiding stuffing of keywords, article spinning, cloaking, doorway hidden links. We also found that Malware or Hacks can ​immensly affect in a traffic drop. It's our job to find all kind of ​issues and fix you the website for a smooth run.

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We help you to know first if the website has been penalized​

So, how to check google penalty? There are signs and reasons such as majority of the targeted keywords face a drop in ranking, the numbers in organic search traffic decreases, receiving messages from the GWT or Google Webmaster Tool regarding the warning and you fail to find the site on google. We take care of any poor practice of SEO such as black hat methods, bad spam technique, etc. Our service will improve the ​authority of your brand.

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​We offer the effective google penalty removal service

So you know all the reasons behind Google ‘s penalization on your website. We will also add the action plan that will help. First, we determine if your site has any duplicate or copied content. We will find it and do the removing process. Also, we do ​a complete analysis regarding the backlink profile of your website, ​checking for the google backlink penalty too. It includes the audit of anchor text issues and incoming backlinks..

Here you can get an insight into how we do our process:

​Filtering the toxicity from your website, we do the quality assessing of all the links as well as domains. Once we get our analyzing done, it forms a list that includes all toxic links. For google penguin penalty removal we do the removal and disavow links. The process can be lengthy that consists of the disavow. Text submission via Google Webmaster tools. We do the communication and questioning regarding the link's removal and documenting removals successfully.

​Google Algorithm Penalty Recovery

Google Algorithm Penalty Recovery

​We make it possible to eliminate the issues that are causing problems. Also, we use our experience, knowledge, and combine it to offer the most valuable services to you. Our team has experienced professionals that are having rich experience in this domain. We keep your traffic and ranking update even before the next update in algorithm comes. We make use of safe methods to stay safe from upcoming Google algorithm updates.

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​Google Panda Penalty recovery

​So, when your site gets bitten by this penalty, you can actually lose the ranking in one night. To know if you are affected by the panda, we will search to find any low or duplicate content. However, it works in both ways, so we will also find out if any other website copied your content or not. On the basis of that, we do the design of our plan to make the google panda penalty recovery. We ​replace all your duplicate content with the fresh and original content.

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​Google Penguin Penalty recovery

​Our first important step is to perform a comprehensive links audit. We look for any kind of basic patterns that shows the manipulation on the site, it includes the over optimizing in the keyword anchor text, Spam links in comment sections, Low credibility links of sites, Exchange of links, Paid links, Embedded links in template design as well as widgets, Spun article embedded links submitted with massive volumes in the article bank. ​

Organized Seo Activity

Goggle manual penalty recovery

Prime Seo Services  takes care of all these hard work on your behalf, and also unnatural links are the most complex ones as it requires the site to do the changes. The google needs you to remove the links that point your website as manipulative. We design the strategy and implementation without doing any kind of violation. Our services focus on keeping your site safe from getting under the penalty radar of Google.

Get your ranking and traffic back with our services

Well, we focus on not let anything happen, we are here to do all works and addressing your issues. Our team will take care of google penalty recovery, and it's after-effects. We aim to become the best and dependable google penalty removal agency that strives to satisfy its clients. For us, your satisfaction always comes first than our goals.


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