Google Algorithm Medic

​Are your Prepared and Safe?

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The first medic was updated during July 22nd, and it's continued on August 1st. Well, the google updated and classified this as a broad core algorithm update. However, with an update that happens several times in a year comes with lots of questions, the first one is – how you can fix your site? 

We are here to help you in understanding what this medic update is and how we help in fixing your website for yourself. However, not every Google update get noticed quickly, but some become famous such as Panda, Penguin, caffeine, etc.

How ​protect you from ​all ​Algorithm updates

​​We monitor SERPs to make sure that your site keeps its ranking even after the changes and function well. Some algorithm not always affects your site. Shift in Algorithm doesn’t always affect severely on sites; sometimes it can boost up your presence and ranking as well.

#googlemedicalgorithm penalty recovery services

What we know about this algorithm change?

​There is only one thing that people can do is to focus on developing better and quality content. These updates in the Google systems are to benefits pages which are going under-rewarded. This is all about opening the top space for quality content in every algorithm change.

#googlemedicalgorithm penalty impact

Who got the impact by this recent update ?

Along with that, some other sites also got the impact which is based on YMYL or Your Money or Your Life, entertainment and gaming. YMYL are basically those types that have the potential to impact on users’ safety, financial security, future happiness, and health.

how to remove google medic penalty from website

What can be done to improve for this update?

For the ranking, there are more than 200 factors that Google look for. For the long run, the site needed to be improved by all those factors. ​We analyze the results and outcomes of different strategies before we bring it to you. And after doing that, there are certain things that we made as to the checklist.

Areas where we will focus

This update affects nicknamed as medic due to its large target in the health and wellness field. Mostly the medic affected sites related to fitness, health, medical, lifestyle, etc. ​

improve cntent lenght for google medic penalty recovery

content​ length

We take care of how much and what information do your users need from your site. The length of content is an important factor to consider if you want the information your website is sharing to be feasible then your content should be proper planned. There are google algorithms that take content length consideration at the prior level.

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​Quality content

​The ​quality can be boosted up, ​by hiring expert ​who understands what he is writing and for whom. There are some elements which impact the visuals, such as illustration, videos, and images. The quality of ​elements should be great, ​to improve the user experience. The author’s bio should be linked to give the credentials to the content.

web design

​mobile experience

Those sites which give a great experience in the mobile using audience also get the change the ranking high. However, before you go forward, it’s important to make sure that your site has passed the mobile-friendliness test by Google. Their tool is very handy to use. The design of the site should be easy to access, and content should be easily visible.

Avail our services and experience improvisation to your website

improve content and backlinks

Improving content and Link Profile

So, in other words, if your site lacks in the Trust department, then the chances of getting your rank effected is always high. However, we will make sure that the content and link profile, both get improve in order to get the rank. There are strategies and market researched plans that we use. If the site is selling a product, there must be complete safety for the users. For improving the ​trust,​ your customer care and contact links should be added in the navigation menu and relevant locations..​

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Improving pages and optimizing  

There are some additional steps that can help in improving YMYL, including the same steps for E-A-T optimization. Google aims to show clear and complete content when it comes to certain topics. It includes information related to medical, Hobby pages, Financial advice, information that can affect wealth, happiness, and health of someone. Along with that, for optimization the YMYL, it’s important to include contents that are legal and have the potential. ​.

overall improvements for medic update

​ overall improvement ​for medic update

It will help your site to optimize and reduces the bad impact of the medic updates. These factors are very helpful in improving your website for the medic update. If the site has large numbers of negative reviews, it can remove by asking the campaign. Google avoid using the content which is not updated. It's important for the site to keep doing the edits time to time. If the site owner is not an expert regarding the niche, then someone expert can be used for doing that work.​

prevent next penalty hit

​precautions required for next  update

The search engine is asking the same thing from the site owners. It includes to look out for what you are offering and how you are following the guidelines. It also includes the length of the article, quality, focus keyword, etc. like points to make it more relevant and informative. The only way by which you can keep the site protected is improving the quality in the content and following all the guidelines given by google. And for that you got us. We will do that for you so you can step back and relax.

Keep your site protected and safe with us / Conclusion

Prime Seo Services takes care of the changes and keeps your site protected. However, we are not a magician, and Google updates can’t be changed. Also, we can’t predict what will happen and neither you. However, we can stay alert and updated with all needed information so we can turn the effects in positive for your website. Including improving the E-A-T and YMYL in order to build the trust, quality, and trustworthiness that improve your site. We will keep your site to get the benefits for the long run.


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