Hang It Perfect


​With Darglet, our prime goal was to improve the social media reach of the company’s services. After an internal technical audit of the goals of the business, we estimated the platforms that can provide the best social media recognition for the Darglet organization.

Our initial move was to create a dedicated page for the company over popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. With creative content and interesting graphics, we aided the company for better social media promotion. Here is how we proceeded with the use of our SEO tactics, read on to know more.

Organic Search Results
Backlink Results
Organic Keyword Ranking
Decrease in bounce rate

Hang It Perfect 1

Organic Search Results:

  • 51% improvement in Organic traffic with in a one year, with a session record of 151,821 and total traffic improved by 55.86% i.e. 246, 646 sessions.

  • 67.23% was the exact improvement in ROI for the website owner which turns out the best year in terms of lead generation, traffic, sales and overall profit.

Organic Keyword Ranking Results:

  • 10.3K+ New Organic Keywords are achieved in Google SERP.
  • 300+ New keywords ranking in Knowledge Graph
  • 4.5K+ New Keywords ranking in Google News-related Searches
  • 230 New Keywords ranking in Local SEO results
  • 40+ Keywords ranking in Instant Answer Google Search Query results

Hang It Perfect 1

Hang It Perfect 1

Backlink Results:

  • 15.4K backlinks achieved in a span of 1 year.
  • 13.4K (87%) gained backlinks are Do-follow type.
  • 2K+ (13%) backlinks created as No-follow type.
  • 12.9K text-based backlinks created as per SEO Guidelines.

Conclusion - What We Achieved:

Normally When we got the campaign, its traffic was completely sacked and it was hampered by Penguin and panda Google updates. But once its penalty is lifted - we have seen a positive hike in traffic with every new Google algorithm update. So, this is one of the unique but strong factor that makes the campaign worthy to get shared with you people.