​Doorstep came to us with complaint of sudden reduction in the traffic inflow. For the past few months, the company lost a vast section of its clientele. What the company failed to recognize was the fact that Google changes its algorithm every now and then.

A recent update to the Google algorithm was the main cause of this issue. With use of proper data analysis and in-depth website updates, we catered a wholesome solution for the company, Click here to read more about how we aided Doorstep with better traffic as the top-ranking white-label digital marketing agency.

Organic Search Results
Backlink Results
Organic Keyword Ranking
Decrease in bounce rate

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Organic Search Results:

We have worked on all aspects of this clients SEO, from on-page to online PR. We have also worked to improve their conversions rates using CRO. Strong online growth has been achieved through the use of our proprietory AI-Based SEO Software and our in-house expertise.

Organic Keyword Ranking Results:

We have also taken on full responsibility for the clients website development and backend functions. This includes their front-end website, property portal, API integrations and much more.

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Conclusion - What We Achieved:

Normally When we got the campaign, its traffic was completely sacked and it was hampered by Penguin and panda Google updates. But once its penalty is lifted - we have seen a positive hike in traffic with every new Google algorithm update. So, this is one of the unique but strong factor that makes the campaign worthy to get shared with you people.